Police: Woman struck by bullet while asleep in bed near 20th and Burleigh

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Bullets fly through the air -- and one of them hits a woman, asleep in her home early Monday morning, October 6th.

It happened near 20th and Burleigh around 3:40 a.m.

Police say the 47-year-old woman suffered a gunshot wound to her leg. She was shot while she was asleep in bed. The woman's son says the home was filled with children when the shooting happened.

FOX6 News has learned the 47-year-old woman is the mother of 11 children -- and she's pregnant with her twelfth child. Her son says his mother was physically injured in the incident, but they're also dealing with the emotional toll this shooting incident has taken on her.

"We`re holding up , doing alright knowing that she is going to be better and she`s going to be okay," Diamond Tomlinson said.

Tomlinson says he's trying to be strong for his mother and his siblings after she was struck by bullet that went through the front bedroom of her home.

"The shots were just flying off, non-stop. It was like a little flurry of them," Greg Brown said.

"He woke me up like 'my mommy`s been shot.' I ran downstairs. I helped her wrap her leg up," Diamond Tomlinson said.

The woman was rushed to the hospital, and family members tell FOX6 News she is expected to be okay.

"She didn`t get shot in the head, the back, the neck, the face. God is good," Denise Marshall said.

"There were babies in there. It's quite tragic -- all those children in the house. It was unsettling and disturbing," neighbor Ba Ba Odina Eal said.

Often desensitized to violence and gunfire, this incident hit too close to home.

"You become immune to that kind of conduct and behavior. You hear it and you just kind of block it out because it happens all the time," Ba Ba Odina Eal said.

"It`s not safe anywhere," Marshall said.

Police say they don't believe the woman was the shooter's intended target.

"She was going to move too. Both of us were going to be gone off this block anyway. This is just going to make the process faster," Marshall said.

Police do not have anyone in custody in connection with this shooting.