Police urge holiday shoppers to be on the lookout for thieves

Black Friday is right around the corner, and it's the biggest merchandise-moving season of the year, but it's not just shoppers and retailers getting ready. Another group looking to take advantage of this big day is thieves, and police are picking up patrols, and urging shoppers to be safe.

Gail Logan has hit the holiday shopping scene for years, and over that time, she says she's learned some tricks to keep her presents safe until her four grandchildren are tearing through the wrapping on Christmas Day. "I am careful where I shop. I'm not looking for trouble. We know there are those who are desperate, a lot of unemployed, a lot of people who just aren't working right now," Logan said.

Police say purchases and other valuables can be most at risk after you've left the store. Items left on seats inside vehicles in plain sight can be an invitation to thieves. Logan says she always puts her purchases in the trunk, as an added precaution. Police also say putting gifts under the tree near the front window of your house can be dangerous.

Police encourage female shoppers to carry their purses close to their bodies, or strapped across their chest. A loose grip can make it easy for thieves to grab and go. Milwaukee police say they'll have extra officers in shopping and entertainment districts throughout the city, on the lookout for any trouble.