Police share video of 'multiple suspects' wanted for removing property from home near 40th and Lloyd

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police on Tuesday, June 30 shared video in their continued search for "multiple suspects" wanted in connection with "civil unrest" near 40th Street and Lloyd Street Tuesday, June 23, stemming from an investigation into two missing teenage girls.

Police said "after MPD secured and locked" a home in the area, the individuals highlighted in the video "were observed unlawfully entering the residence without the owner’s consent, throwing and removing various property from the residence and unlawfully entering the owner’s vehicle prior to it being set on fire."

Vaun Mayes released from jail

On Monday, community activist Vaun Mayes was arrested and Milwaukee police said they presented charges for burglary as party to a crime and criminal trespass to dwelling tied to the unrest. The district attorney is reviewing the case, and Mayes was released from jail Tuesday afternoon -- where protesters gathered after his arrest.

Some of those protesting his arrest said they believe Mayes was taken into custody in an effort to silence their movement. Police said otherwise, telling FOX6 Mayes was arrested in connection with his alleged role in criminal activity near 40th and Lloyd. Three non-fatal shootings unfolded and a house was set on fire stemming from the investigation into two missing girls.

FOX6's cameras captured video of Mayes walking up the steps at the home.

Community activist Frank Nitty says while Mayes was there last week—he was actually trying to help.

Unrest near 40th and Lloyd after girls reported missing

Unrest near 40th and Lloyd after girls reported missing

"He's what they call a violence interrupter. Governor Evers is talking about putting a million dollars toward violence interrupters. Vaun is a violence interrupter, an individual that stands between police and citizens to try to dissolve situations. So he was interrupting violence like he was supposed to, and they're trying to charge him with stopping people -- trying to stop people from doing stuff," said Frank Nitty.

Police said on Monday, June 22, and on Tuesday, June 23, officers searched a residence in the area multiple times -- looking for the two missing teenage girls.The teenagers were not located at the residence. A news release from MPD Monday said once the teenagers were located, they were interviewed by police. Both teenagers denied going to or being at the residence, and denied meeting or knowing anyone who lived at that residence. Police said no information has been provided to MPD to suggest that the teenagers were at the residence that was later set on fire, or that any foul play occurred at that location.

Police said several arrests have been made in connection to these incidents at 40th and Lloyd, however, Milwaukee police continue to seek others.

If anyone has any information, please call Milwaukee police at 414-935-7360, or to receive a cash reward please call Milwaukee Crime Stoppers at 414-224-TIPS.