Police say sexual assault suspect told victim he is a police officer

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police are investigating a disturbing sexual assault. It happened in a hotel room, and the victim says her attacker said he was a police officer!

The traffic around the area of Lovers Lane and Silver Spring Drive included police officers early Monday morning, February 17th.

A woman who asked that FOX6 News not identify her says there were at least six squad cars at the Hampton Inn hotel.

Inside the hotel, investigators were looking into a claim a woman was sexually assaulted by a man masquerading as a law enforcement official.

A source familiar with the investigation says police are trying to find a man captured in a surveillance photo, seen wearing a blue bulletproof vest over an Oxford shirt.

He was first seen in the hotel lobby, and reportedly followed a woman and a man to a room.

Sources say he waited for them to open the door, and then pushed his way in, claiming he was an officer, and was going to perform a strip search on both the man and the woman inside the room.

The woman told investigators she was ordered into the bathroom by the man who was holding a gun. She says she was strip searched and ordered to perform a sex act.

The woman reportedly screamed - causing the man to run, and flee from the hotel.

However, the accused law enforcement imposter may have left clues for investigators nearby.

Witnesses saw police checking footprints he may have left in the snow.

However, for now, the search is ongoing for the man seen in surveillance photo wearing a blue Polo hat.