Police out in force before, during and after fireworks show

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police held a roll call on Wednesday, July 3rd to show they will be out in force, patrolling as thousands gather along the city's Lakefront for the U.S. Bank fireworks show.

When the last firework explodes, and the oohs and aahs are done, thousands will try to make their way home.

"It's a mass exodus.  We try to get everyone together, get everyone packed up," Alfredo Cuevas said.

Milwaukee police say they're ready -- setting up mobile command centers throughout the city.

"Tonight, we have a second city inside our city limits. It's our responsibility to respond to events as they unfold," Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn said.

Officers will be on foot, on bike and inside squad cars monitoring the crowds.

Additionally, cameras will be posted at various points, and flood lights will shine along the streets.

"It's an extraordinary deployment," Chief Flynn said.

Chief Flynn says a large focus will be in the area of North Avenue -- prompted by the events after the fireworks two years ago, when mobs of teens looted a gas station and fought some people in the streets.

"We find that a proactive police presence there seems to go a long way in deterring misbehavior," Chief Flynn said.

Chief Flynn said the goal is to prevent any sort of problems, so that everyone can have a blast watching the fireworks Wednesday night.

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