Police officer saves thirsty dog after it tumbles into Lake Michigan

CHICAGO -- A Chicago police officer rescued a dog Tuesday morning after it fell into Lake Michigan, according to WGN.

Two Chicago police officers were called to the scene of a traffic accident involving four cars on North Lake Shore Drive.

Police originally said they thought the dog jumped out of one of the cars that crashed, but now they are not sure where the dog came from. He may be a stray.  He had no chip and no collar.

Police say the dog was attempting to get a drink from the lake and fell in.

“He was really thirsty and kept leaning forward and forward,” said officer Juan Farris.  “And then I heard the splash and was like ‘Uh oh.’”

The officers managed to pull the dog out of the water and get him on a leash.

Police say the dog, a pit bull, was only in the water for about five seconds before officer Farris pulled him out.

Animal Control says he’s healthy and being well cared for while they try to find his owner.

The dog will stay at Animal Control for the next seven days. If nobody claims him, the officer who rescued him says he might adopt the dog.