Police need your help in search for robbery suspect

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police need your help in their search for a suspect who stole a woman's purse and car after threatening to shoot her. Clear video of the suspect was captured by a surveillance camera at the store where the crime took place.

The incident happened on Tuesday, February 7th at a convenience store near 96th and Fond du Lac Ave.

The victim parked in the lot of the convenience store, got out of her car and walked to the store. The suspect who was standing in the lot spoke to her as she walked by. As she returned to her vehicle, the suspect approached her and demanded her car keys, purse and cell phone. He also threatened to shoot her.

After getting her property the suspect directed the victim to enter the passenger side of her car. However, as she went around her vehicle she ran back to the store, entered and yelled for help. The suspect took off in the victim's car.

The suspect is described as a male, black, 25-35 years old, 5'8"-5'9" tall, and weighting 180-190 lbs. He had a light complexion, twisty braids in his hair and was wearing a navy blue or black sweat shirt with hood and dark jeans. The suspect implied he had a weapon.

The victim's car is a dark blue 2000 Chevy Impala with license #660-TAL.

If you have information that could help Milwaukee police in this case, you're urged to call 414-935-7360.