Police: Man finds 'funny money' visiting Caledonia watering hole

CALEDONIA -- Police in Caledonia say a man found some "funny money" on the ground while visiting a local watering hole on Friday night, July 5.

According to Caledonia police, the man "thought he made an easy $50" but when he looked a little closer, it was obvious it wasn't real.

Officials shared photos of the fake cash. "The big white and orange Chinese characters are also a giveaway," police said in a Facebook post.

Fake money credit: Caledonia Police Department

Fake money credit: Caledonia Police Department

Police say it is a movie prop or training money from China. The fake cash can be purchased on websites like Amazon, eBay, and Wish. 

Authorities advise to always check your change you receive from any business or person.

"Be aware that this money is present in today's society," officials said.