Police looking for man, woman who fired shots into Shell Stop & Save

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are looking for a man and a woman they say fired shots into the Shell Stop & Save, located at 1400 S. 6th Street just before 3:00 a.m. Sunday.

Police have released the photos below.

The surveillance video still gives Kal Almousa chills. Early Sunday morning, the male suspect in white allegedly shot up Almousa's Shell station store at the corner of 6th and Greenfield Avenue. "He started shooting (at customers) as they were shopping in the store. They were lucky nothing happened. The last couple years, I would say, it's just not as it used to be before," Almousa said.

Almousa said the man came into the store with the woman, seen in the picture. The two did some shopping, and headed to the register, where the man in the white shirt adjusted a weapon on his hip.

Then, Almousa says the man spotted someone outside and left the store, while the woman paid. The man seemed to have a friendly exchange with a man in a green and blue shirt, but after the victim entered the store, and the woman left, the man in white fired into the store. Bullets ripped through the glass door of the Shell station, miraculously missing everyone inside. "This is the first time this ever happened in the history of my business," Almousa said.

Almousa hopes Milwaukee police will catch these two suspects. If you recognize these suspects or have any information that could assist police in this case, please call Milwaukee police at 414-935-7223.