Police investigate fatal shooting on Milwaukee's south side

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee police are investigating the fatal shooting of 29-year-old Antonio Camacho-Perez. He was shot to death near near S. Layton Blvd. and Mitchell St. on the city's south side early Thursday, August 23rd.

Amy Schuldt lives in the neighborhood where the shooting took place -- near a busy roadway for cars and people walking and biking.

"About 3:30 in the morning, me and my husband heard some talking outside, right next door to our house, in the driveway. Quiet. Not arguing. Then we heard two shots," Schuldt said.

Schuldt did not immediately see Camacho-Perez's body in the street. She was busy doing what she should have done.

"I called 911 right away. Then my husband looked around to make sure our family was okay, make sure our house fine, and looked again and then saw the victim and then I called 911 again," Schuldt said.

Among those concerned by the shooting is Dan Adams. He's with the Layton Boulevard West Neighbors community organization -- and promotes communication between neighbors and with police.

"This summer has been quiet, which is why this incident is extremely shocking and surprising to us. The more people who are talking and know each other and are comfortable with others, the more you're going to know the signs of things that would lead to today's incident," Adams said.

Detectives and officers from the Second Police District are investigating the incident and attempting to establish a motive. Nobody is in custody at this time.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the Milwaukee Police Department at 414-935-7360.