Police evacuate gym at Milwaukee County Sports Complex after spectators get rowdy

FRANKLIN (WITI) -- Spectators were cleared out of the Milwaukee County Sports Complex on Ryan Road in Franklin on Sunday, August 31st after a fight broke out during an adult league soccer tournament.

Franklin police say they were called out to the facility just after 3:00 p.m.

Police say they received multiple 911 calls about a fight at the complex -- and when they arrived, they found a group of fans taunting the other team's supporters.

Players went into the stands to calm the fans, but ended up joining the melee -- according to Franklin police.

Police cleared the gym and searched it.

We're told four people were hurt -- including two security guards, a fan and a player. Three of them were treated at the scene, and the player was taken to the hospital due to being knocked unconscious.

Police say they believe the player was kicked in the head by an opposing player. Police say they believe they know who that player is, and are looking for him.

Police say no arrests were made.

Spectators were allowed back into the facility for a second scheduled game. We're told beer sales are allowed at these events, but they were suspended for the second game due to what happened during the first game.