Police calls leading up to salon mass shooting released

MILWAUKEE -- Police calls leading up to and after Radcliffe Haughton killed three women and injured four others at the Azana Salon & Spa in Brookfield have now been released to the public.

FOX6 News has obtained new information showing how area police interacted with Radcliffe Haughton and his family before the October 21st shooting at Azana. The calls share a similar theme -- concern for all involved.

Dispatcher: "Police and fire, how can I help you?"
Sister: "Hi my name is Nadia Oshana... My sister lives in Brown Deer. And uh, something wrong with her telephone. And I need to know if there's any, like, God forbid, accidents or anything reported. Her name is Zina."

The first call was placed in July by Zina's sister to Brown Deer police. She's worried because Zina is six hours late.

Nadia: "I'm really concerned because I've been calling her number and it's going right straight to the voice mail and her daughter's too."

Later that evening, Zina would let police know she's safe. But as we now know, a few months later, Zina's husband, Radcliffe Haughton, slashed Zina's tires at the Brookfield salon where she worked. Brown Deer police then had him in custody and they called Brookfield police.

Brown Deer PD: "Ok, we have him currently detained at tires plus."
Brookfield PD: "Ok. And you want to know what to do with him?"
Brown Deer PD: "I guess you guys wanted him if we made contact with him."

Radcliffe Haughton would be released.

Then on October 21st, Radcliffe entered the Azana Salon & Spa and began shooting. Waukesha County dispatch called Brown Deer police.

Dispatch: "Do you guys have him in custody or no?"

Waukesha County: "No, we don't have him in custody. We're looking for him. What I'm actually, originally asking you guys to do is go to the residence to do a well being check. Should be a 13-year-old daughter that's there that he apparently threatened last night, saying that he was going to hurt her mother, which he came to the salon and shot at people. And then apparently it was something to the effect if she told anybody, he was going to hurt her as well."