Police believe pipe found near gas station in Wauwatosa was discarded, vs. intentionally placed there

WAUWATOSA -- Wauwatosa police said Monday, August 24th, after taking a look at surveillance video from the Speedway gas station near 68th and North Avenue, they haven't been able to determine where a metal pipe that prompted a Bomb Squad response on Sunday came from.

The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office's Bomb Squad was called out to the Speedway gas station on Sunday morning for a report of a suspicious object.

It was reported that a pipe with two end caps was seen sitting next to a gas pump at the gas station.

After observing the object, Wauwatosa police called the Bomb Squad to the scene.

The nearby intersection was blocked off, and those who live in the area were asked to stay inside their homes.

Bomb Squad officials used a robotic bomb disposal unit which carefully carried the pipe to a sandbagged area in the street -- and then worked to shoot off one of the end caps on the pipe so officials could take a look inside. It was determined the object was not explosive -- and the inside of the pipe was empty.

Police said Monday the object was determined to be a three-inch metal pipe with two end caps on it.

Surveillance video hasn't helped police in figuring out where the pipe came from. Police believe the pipe was discarded, vs. being intentionally placed at the gas station.

Police say it does not appear the Speedway gas station was targeted, and there was never any bomb threat made to the gas station or nearby businesses.

We're told the pipe has been given to the ATF for further investigation.

At least two nearby businesses were impacted as the Bomb Squad worked near the gas station Sunday: Managers at Bel Air Cantina tell FOX6 News police asked that they not open until the situation was resolved. And Tosa Yoga had a room full of customers that had to evacuate as a precaution.