Police arrest, charge woman allegedly involved in credit card, ID theft

RACINE -- Racine police believe they've arrested a woman involved in drugs, credit card and identity theft with the help of agencies in three states.

Police say Alicia Rivera used a credit card belonging to someone in Texas to make purchases in Racine.

According to the criminal complaint in the case, Texas authorities alerted Racine police to the unauthorized charges. Racine police traced the charges to a Walmart and got help from the store to identify the suspect.

Police say they learned of a previous arrest of the suspect in Illinois, so they contacted authorities there to confirm Rivera's identity.

Racine police arrested Rivera at her home, but while there, also discovered she had marijuana on her, and she now faces drug charges.

Rivera is facing 14 forgery charges, 15 felony personal ID theft - financial gain charges, as well as one count of possession of THC and one count of credit card forgery (alteration).