Plumber expects to work late this week dealing with flooding

NEW BERLIN (WITI) -- Many homeowners this week have been worrying about their basements -- as rain has been falling seemingly without end. Some have even experienced flooding in their basements due to the heavy rains.

Pam Treder has only lived in her New Berlin home for eight years, and had never replaced her sump pump.

"I was sitting upstairs and I heard water running and of course that's never a good thing," Treder said.

As she noticed a stream going from the septic tank to the main drain, Treder already knew the sump pump failed. Treder called her plumber, Michael Banaszynski before the problem.

"You get two inches per hour, two inches in a day total it's quite a bit of rain. It's kind of typical -- people panic and you know sump pumps fail and obviously you're going to have to work late," Banaszynski said.

Banaszynski said he expected to work late Wednesday and possibly for the rest of the week. The common house call has been replacing sump pumps.

"Fortunately the customer was lucky enough it was draining right into the floor drain, so they were lucky. Most people have carpet on the floor and it soaks the carpet," Banaszynski said.

After roughly two hours, the job was complete at Treder's home.

"If there's an issue, if it's something minor, get it taken care of so it doesn't cost you a small fortune," Treder said.

Then, Banaszynski was off to his next call.

"Don't expect to eat dinner at home tonight," Banaszynski said.