Planning a visit to the Milwaukee Art Museum? There's an app for that -- and it's designed for kids

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Art Museum recently reopened its collection galleries -- and now there's a new way to experience the art. It's designed specifically for kids.

A brand new mobile app for the Milwaukee Art Museum is meant for the museum's youngest visitors -- with audio, video and even games.

"The more kids have control of their visit and the more they can learn things in very fun ways, you get them hooked at an early age," said Brigid Globensky with the Milwaukee Art Museum.

In the app, you'll find everything from clips of FOX6 Weather Expert Vince Condella forecasting the weather from a Monet -- to the option to take a selfie and become part of the art.

"You're able to choose one of the miniatures, take a picture of yourself and become part of that miniature picture," said Globensky.

So far, there are 80 works of art featured in the app. Museum officials are working on adding more. And if you look in the app, you can listen to an audio tour about it.

Anne Noyes knows all about giving tours. She's a docent (a person who acts as a guide, typically on a voluntary basis, in a museum, art gallery, or zoo).

"It's all about getting them excited about what is here and what the Art Museum holds," said Noyes.

Noyes says the new app will change kids and their parents' outlook on the art.

"So many people, particularly with contemporary art, will look at a piece of art and say 'hmm, my kids could do that. That isn't very special' -- but when you hear a little about how it was made or why it was made, you get a much better appreciation of it," said Noyes.

The Milwaukee Art Museum app is a free download -- but only available for Apple devices. Right now, museum officials can lend you an Apple device for your visit.