Planning a part of Milwaukee, students from UWM get engaged in the process

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Some University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee students get their chance to redevelop a part of the city.

The students worked with professional architects to create plans for six sites on the city's south side. They're looking at how these locations will be better utilized, what investment opportunities exist, and what are the new land uses.

The ideas considered must both be feasible and add value to the neighborhood.

"We expected some great public spaces along with what we call maker-spaces where they produce something and is sell it right at the same building, but I wasn't expecting a soccer field, I know there's one site that where they're looking at how do you integrate soccer into a tight site that also serves the residence," said Caroline Esswein, student at UW-Milwaukee.

The teams presented their plans to community leaders and residents on Tuesday morning, December 16th. They then got feedback -- and made changes to their proposals by the end of the day.