"Pink Heals Tour" for cancer makes stop in Delafield

DELAFIELD -- The "Pink Heals Tour" is all about support for those battling cancer, and it made a stop in Delafield Monday, August 27th.

Sherry Dunker is a two-time cancer survivor. The first time, she had a mastectomy and chemotherapy to rid herself of breast cancer, and then six years later, she was rediagnosed.

"The doctor found that it had returned in a lymph node, so six years the first time, and I'm about nine years out the second time," Dunker said.

Dunker said she tells her story of survival to encourage others. That's one of the reasons Lake Country Fire Department Captain Brad Bowen made the effort to bring the "Pink Heals Guardian of the Ribbon Tour" to downtown Delafield.

"Awareness, love, giving back to the community, and just that support. Cancer is a terrible disease -- second leading death in the whole U.S. and I just want to give back," Bowen said.

All proceeds from the event go to local organizations that help people dealing with cancer.

Susan Behrens is celebrating the fifth anniversary of finishing her last chemotherapy treatment. She says it's important for organizations and people in general to tend to the immediate needs of those with cancer.

"Somebody might help with an electric bill -- or even the simple things -- gas for the cars, and for people who have children, childcare would be helpful," Behrens said.

With few people who don't know someone who either has, or has had cancer, the "Pink Heals Tour" is important. The "Pink Heals" fire truck made stops at hospitals in Oconomowoc and Summit for short visits. The bus will travel to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Tuesday, August 28th.