'People need to slow down:' Man, woman in custody for hit-and-run crash that injured family of 4

MILWAUKEE -- A man and woman, both 21, were taken into custody Tuesday, Nov. 12 in connection with the hit-and-run that occurred on Saturday, Nov. 9 outside Fiserv Forum that injured a family of four. Police said the man and woman were being considered persons of interest in the case.

Tony Eager, Danielle Eager, 8-year-old Brayson Eager, and 5-year-old Dayton Eager were hurt in the crash near 6th Street and Juneau Avenue Saturday evening. The family was walking eastbound towards 6th Street on Juneau to attend Jurassic World at Fiserv Forum — looking to get spooked by dinosaurs, instead of the real-life horror that played out in the street on their way to the event.

Police said the family had the "walk" signal at the time.

Eager family

Danielle and Tony Eager

It was the one and only time they planned on coming to Milwaukee in 2019 from their home in Hartford. They said Tuesday this incident left them terrified to ever return.

"I can't walk," said Danielle Eager, out of the hospital Tuesday. "My ankles are the size of balloons. They don't know how we walked out of there the way we did."

"I don't know how to grasp this," said Tony Eager.

Danielle Eager pushed her children out of the way -- taking the brunt of the impact -- jumping over her children to protect them.

"I landed, smacked my face on the hood," said Danielle Eager. "No questions, I'd do it again. I'm their mother."

Eager family

Brayson Eager

Brayson Eager suffered a minor cut on his head, while Dayton Eager was badly bruised and possibly suffered a concussion.

"It seemed like forever that he was unresponsive, and then just out of the blue, his eyes opened wide up," said Tony Eager.

Tony Eager chased after the fleeing vehicle and was able to get a good look at the make and model and obtain a partial license plate number.

"It's instinct," said Tony Eager. "You don't have time think what you're going to do. It just happens."

On Monday, officers recovered the silver Chevy Malibu with Texas plates near 69th Street and Capitol Drive. On Tuesday, police announced two persons of interest were in custody -- a break in the case the Eagers said they hoped would break the alarming streak of hit-and-run crashes involving children in Milwaukee.

"I don't want any other person to have to go through this," said Danielle Eager. "People need to learn to slow down."

A GoFundMe.com account was set up to help pay medical expenses. CLICK HERE to access that account.

Hit-and-run at 68th and Congress

Saturday's incident happened two days after a 13-year-old boy was struck near 68th Street and Congress Street on Nov. 7. The boy was hit as he crossed the street, and the driver fled northbound from the scene.

The child was taken to the hospital for treatment of injuries not believed to be life-threatening.

Police were searching for the driver.

Hit-and-run at Florist and Teutonia

Three days before that, on Nov. 4, two boys were struck near Florist Avenue and Teutonia Avenue. 6-year-old Noah and 4-year-old AJ suffered serious injuries. Two other children were not hurt, police said, and ran to get help.

Cameran Collins faces two counts of hit-and-run, causing great bodily harm, as well as two counts of knowingly operating a motor vehicle while suspended, causing great bodily harm.

Police said Collins turned himself in to authorities the next day. The striking vehicle was recovered.

According to the criminal complaint, Collins told authorities he was driving south on Teutonia Avenue when he made a turn to travel west on Florist Avenue. Collins stated he drove west past the gas station, and he saw a bus that was parked. He said as he drove past the bus, two children ran out into the street. Collins said he hit them with the side mirror, and that there was nothing he could do. Collins said he was scared so he fled. He said he "drove around and eventually left the car in a random alley and took the license plate off. He then told his dad what happened." Collins also "acknowledged that he does not have a valid driver's license and knew that at the time."

Hit-and-run at 22nd and Center

The same day the boys were hit at Florist and Teutonia, loved ones came together to lay to rest two sisters who lost their lives after a hit-and-run near 22nd Street and Center Street on Oct. 24.

6-year-old Alisa Gee and 4-year-old Amea Gee were in a crosswalk with their cousin, 10-year-old Drevyze Rayford when a driver hit all three of them, and Rayford was the only one who survived.

Daetwan Robinson was charged with two counts of second-degree reckless homicide, one count of second-degree reckless injury, two counts of hit-and-run, involving death, and one count of hit-and-run involving great bodily harm.

According to the criminal complaint, witnesses said the striking vehicle was eastbound on Center Street at a high rate of speed in the bicycle lane, passing all the other cars which were stopped at the intersection to allow the children to cross. This car struck all three of the children as they were in the crosswalk, walking together from the north to the south side of Center Street, before fleeing the scene of the crash which was captured by surveillance cameras. At the crash scene, officers located a lower grille assembly and a broken piece of a car bumper and identified the car as a 2007-2009 4-door Saturn Aura.

The next day, police received an anonymous tip from a caller who saw a similar car posted for sale online by Daetwan Robinson. Later that day, police executed a search warrant at a residence and detached garage near 13th and Burleigh. They spotted a Saturn Aura that had been partially painted black with spray paint, according to the complaint. It was missing its lower bumper grille, and the piece of debris from the crash scene "fit exactly," the complaint said.

Prosecutors said a confidential informant spoke with Robinson through social media, and he wrote, "I need to come to yo house like " following by, "I got in a car accident." A short time later, the complaint said Robinson showed up at the informant's house and admitted, "He had hit 'the three kids' and that he had made 'a rookie mistake.'" Records showed Robinson's driving privilege was suspended due to his conviction for operating after suspension.