Parents, do you want to help your little one reach developmental milestones?

Let’s face it, 2020 was a tough year, but two women want to help change that by creating action plans to tackle your current problems. Brian has details on how they can help you find a solution for a better day. 

About Solutions for a Better Day (website)

We are Sandy and Kelly, the everyday strategists. We provide strategies that will help you overcome the challenges in your life and start living better days.  It all started in 2014.  We met at work when Kelly first moved to Milwaukee. Not only did we make a stellar team at the office, but we became fast friends!  Sandy welcomed Kelly into her group of friends, and Kelly helped Sandy train for a 15K. We’ve worked out together pretty much every week since!  We both moved on to different jobs a few years later, but we’ve continued our weekly workouts, helping each other stay active through illness, pregnancy, and life after babies!  Our workouts often became problem-solving sessions for our biggest challenges, where we would use our skills as therapists to help each other solve problems and adapt to challenges in our daily lives.  It was during one of these workouts that we decided we wanted to support others to make positive changes, and Solutions for a Better Day was born!