Owner of Skateland prepares to move forward after Sunday night accident

WAUKESHA (WITI) -- Four days after an altercation outside Skateland in Waukesha -- one woman remains in intensive care, while the police work to sort out the events of the evening.

FOX6 News spoke with Lieutenant Tom Wagner with the Waukesha Police Department, he says all involved in the incident have been identified. There is also potential for multiple charges filed against several people in the case.

Tonight, the owner of Skateland prepares for open skate night, he is hoping for a full recovery for those injured on Sunday, August 31st -- saying he wants to move on.

For Steve Laufer, it's another day at the office getting Skateland ready for open skate night.

"We don't expect a big crowd tonight because kids are back in school first week and Packers are on," said Laufer, owner of Skateland.

Sunday was a different story, he hosted an all night skate event which pushed Skateland to capacity.

"There were 250 people here that's what we allow at an all night skate and we were at capacity," said Laufer.

That meant several would be skaters, ended up in the parking lot.

"I think they had convinced themselves there was some other reason why they couldn't get in, but that was not the case," Laufer said.

According to the police report, those who were denied access got into their cars and began driving recklessly through the parking lot. An argument broke out, and a 34-year-old female was hit by a car. Freelance photographer, Abe Van Dike snapped photos that night.

"When i did get here, it turned into a game of telephone where one person tells one person, and then the facts start changing. You could see that people were in a frenzy talking to people trying to get their stories across," said Van Dike.

Waukesha Police say there are many conflicting stories, the incident was, "very chaotic and involved numerous people."

Right now, police are trying to iron out the witness accounts -- and Laufer is focusing on his business.

"We will do anything in our power to make sure this never happens again, or anything like it," said Laufer.