One-on-one interview with Ann Romney, post Marquette speech

MILWAUKEE -- With 46 days left until the November 6th presidential election, Ann Romney -- the wife of Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, spoke at Marquette University Thursday, September 20th. FOX6 News sat down with Ann Romney following her rally Thursday morning, for a one-on-one interview.

FOX6's Henry Rosoff began the one-on-one interview with Ann Romney Thursday afternoon by asking about the recently leaked video of Mitt Romney discounting 47% of Americans because they were dependent on the government and wouldn't vote for him anyway.

"I think what Mitt wants people to understand is that he's going to care about 100% of Americans when he is going to be the president and think about the policies that will make a big difference in their lives. We care about the 100% and there is really no issue there in my mind, because I've seen this guy -- I've been on the trail with him for a year-and-a-half. Most of his talks are talks about those who have been left behind these last four years. I said today, Mitt cares, and that's why we're running," Ann Romney said.

Henry Rosoff: "Does it hurt you on a personal level when people talk about how he doesn't like women?"

"Yeah, it's obviously not true. It's nice to have all those women standing behind me who served in his administration and that love him and that know what a fair guy he is and a good guy today. Then, of course, there's so many women he's worked with in business today, and we had a woman who worked with him on the Olympics on the stage today, so his record is an unbelievable record," Ann Romney said.

Henry Rosoff: "How important is Wisconsin to Mitt and the campaign? He obviously picked Paul Ryan as his running mate, but recent polling from (Marquette University) shows it's a big uphill battle here."

"I'm very optimistic we can win it. I mean, those polling numbers were tough at times for Scott Walker too, and they called it a very close race up to the last day, and he won by six points. We're very optimistic about this state and we hope to win this state and that wasn't the only determining factor in picking Paul Ryan. The reason we're so excited about Paul is the expertise he brings -- the understanding of the economic crisis we're in, his clear vision, his intelligence, his integrity, a terrific family guy -- we're just thrilled to death with Paul," Ann Romney said.

Henry Rosoff: "The campaign has repeatedly said the measure of this election should be are you better off than you were four years ago? What do you say to people who legitimately think they are better off? Are they just Obama supporters and is that it?

"There are some people that are maybe better off, but it's clearly not the majority of people because the majority of people have seen their incomes decrease, the cost of food and gasoline go up. Everyone's being pinched a little bit tighter. Even if you think you're doing alright, and there's the other worry -- they may know that they have a job now, but will they have a job tomorrow?" Ann Romney said.

FOX6's Henry Rosoff also asked Mrs. Romney about her continuing battle with multiple sclerosis and her successful defeat of breast cancer four years ago.

Henry Rosoff: "Why in the world are you letting Mitt do this? I mean, don't you just want to spend as much time with him as possible?"

"What I really want to do is be with my grandkids, but really I'm enjoying every minute of this. I really mean that I love this country and I feel it's really important we make sure Mitt gets elected because this is such an important election. November will come and it will go. We'll all be glad when the negative ads are over. There will be an end to this," Ann Romney said.

Ann Romney's next stop after Milwaukee was Iowa, according to her campaign aides.

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