One man dead after shooting on Milwaukee's west side

MILWAUKEE -- One man was shot and killed in a shooting Friday night.  It happened around 8:20 at night at the corner of 53rd and Meinecke.

"It was like six shots, it was just like boom, boom, like shots fired," a neighbor who witnessed the shooting said.

It was a scene that unfolded in front of neighbors.  They say a group of men in a black station wagon waited for the victim to drive down the street.  When they saw him, a witness says, the shooting started.

"They shot at the car," the witness said. "We saw the guy, the guy hit in the car."

Neighbors say the car rolled across the street, eventually hitting a tree. Then, they say, the shooter or shooters came back to make sure he was dead.  A neighbor says they drove away when they heard police sirens.

"The guys opened up the door and that's when we seen the guy who was driving the car, head, fall out the door," a neighbor said.

Police say the victim is a man in his 30's.  He was shot twice in his torso. The motive for the shooting is unknown.