O&H Danish Bakery has been making Kringle for 70+ years

O&H Danish Bakery has been making delicious Kringle for more than 70 years. While their Apple and Pecan are fan favorites, they’re also known for creating some fun seasonal flavors as well. Brian is in Racine ready to reveal a new flavor collaboration just in time for Father’s Day.

O&H Danish Bakery (website)

This is what our family believes and this is why we love to bake. Since 1949 the Olesen Family has been faithfully committed to baking quality Kringle and other delicious pastries. Started in the late 1940’s in Racine, Wisconsin, we still bake all of our pastries and bakeries with the methods and passion that our grandfather, Christian Olesen, taught us.

Now in the fourth generation of family and bakers, we pledge to never waver from practicing those time-honored scratch baking techniques that have been passed down to us from past generations.