Officials investigating cause of plane crash in Burlington

BURLINGTON -- The FAA has confirmed two were killed following a single engine plane crash in Burlington Sunday afternoon, November 18th. 50-year-old Todd Parfitt from Antioch, Illinois and his daughter, 14-year-old Nicole Parfitt were killed.

The 1972  Grumman AA -1B plane crashed around 1:30 p.m. while trying to land at the Burlington Municipal Airport.

The crash occurred in a farm field east of Highway DD and south of Spring Prairie Road on the Walworth County/Racine County line.

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating and analyzing this crash. Jason Aguilera with the agency says the airport does not have a control tower, and there was no indication the plane was in distress.

"We'll go through all the pilot's credentials and make sure his flight training was correct -- that his experience was correct. We'll go through all the engine logs to see if there's any kind of maintenance that might have contributed to the accident and then we'll just go through and do a cursory review and see if weather played a factor at all," Aguilera said.

Meanwhile, counselors were made available for students at Antioch High School, where Nicole was a freshman.

Officials expect to release a preliminary report on the crash on Friday.

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