Officer Manney: Six citizen complaints filed against him in his 13 years

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- From the streets to City Hall, Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manney has drawn both criticism and support. Manney shot and killed Hamilton in late April -- and lost his job for the events leading up to that shooting.

Through open records requests, FOX6 News has learned Manney has had six citizen complaints in his 13 years on the police force. The complaints range from a dispute over a traffic ticket to accusations of misuse of authority, harassment and excessive force.

Weeks ago, Shirley Gilmore shared her story with FOX6 News. In 2003, she says a confrontation with Officer Manney quickly escalated.

"He grabbed me by my arms and threw me," said Gilmore. "At that moment, I was really afraid for my life. It was just scary."

Gilmore's complaint went in front of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission. Officer Manney was reprimanded for bad language.

But the complaints do not stop there. Officer Manney was also involved in a fight just outside of City Hall. He was called to the scene for a welfare check on a man dressed as a clown. That man was standing in the street with a toy gun. According to the criminal complaint, Manney approached the man and said he tried calming him down, but was unsuccessful. Manney says he then tried to issue a citation. That's when the man walked away and a scuffle ensued.

The man in the clown suit says it was "free speech." He filed a complaint with the Fire and Police Commission, saying Manney grabbed his arm, pulling him to the ground, beating him with his fist. The case was thrown out.

The man in the clown suit was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting an officer. FOX6 News tried to speak with him -- but he did not wish to go on camera.

FOX6 News also contacted Manney's attorney for comment, but he was not in the office. Calls were made to the Milwaukee Police Association, but not returned.