Officer Jerving fundraiser, Kelly's Bleachers Wind Lake volleyball event

A friend who recently got to know Milwaukee Police Officer Peter Jerving has helped organize a fundraiser for his family. Officer Jerving died after he was shot early Tuesday, Feb. 7 during a struggle after chasing a robbery suspect.

Officer Jerving was part of a group that often met up to play volleyball. He was supposed to be playing Friday, Feb. 10. Instead, those who knew him will be meeting up on the same volleyball court to pay tribute to his life.

Volleyball is a sport that has brought strangers together. Most Fridays, you could find Officer Jerving on the court, along with a group of new friends."

David Wacker started the "Good Peeps" meetup in the fall of 2022, offering a chance to get to know strangers. Officer Jerving seemed to stand out.

"He was very present," said Wacker. "He was very happy and just very into loving life."

They bonded on and off the court, but their friendship was halted by tragedy. Wacker passed Jerving's procession Tuesday night, later learning that he had died.

"This isn’t the kind of thing you ever expect to happen in your life," said Wacker. "It’s just something you kind of see on TV."

Immediately after hearing the heartbreaking news, Wacker knew he wanted to help, organizing a tribute to the fallen officer.

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"Everyone’s just kind of in shock right now," said Wacker.

On Friday, friends and strangers will come together at Kelly's Bleachers in Wind Lake where Jerving was expected Friday.

Milwaukee Police Officer Peter Jerving

"Friday is going to be very good to have some open conversations about this and hopefully, be there to support each other," said Wacker.

Wacker said he knows his friend would have shown him the same support. He said he wants to do what he can to honor Jerving's memory.

"We want to make sure we’re doing our part for him and his family," said Wacker.

Ryan Webb, a Milwaukee police officer another friend from the group who play volleyball together, shared this statement about his friend and co-worker:

"Peter was always a positive person. I don’t really remember him ever being upset or in a bad mood. He had a contagious smile and someone I could count on to lift me out of a slump. He’s the definition of a hero and will be remembered for his courage and positive attitude."

The event starts at 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 10 at Kelly's Bleachers in Wind Lake, with music and volleyball. All proceeds will benefit Officer Jerving's family.