Oasis Senior Advisors helps make face masks for caregivers of elderly

MILWAUKEE -- For some families, it's a stressful time taking care of their elderly loved one while dealing with the safety precautions needed to be taken with COVID-19.

A small gesture helping seniors in a major way. Today, that gesture is in the form of washable face masks.

"We are making them for healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, caregivers -- to be able to have if your senior has to go out to doctors appointments that can't be avoided," Lauren O'Desky said. "We are making them and they are free."

Other services are free too, according to the president and owner of Oasis Senior Advisors.

"If you have a senior you know that needs a pick from a grocery store or a prescription we are happy to do that," she said. "We are picking up their items at the grocery stores and anywhere else and dropping them on their porches."

O'Desky says extra care for her clients is critical.

Lauren O'Desky

"The coronavirus is most dangerous for the elderly," she said.

Her company helps seniors navigate care whether they are in their homes, in long term care or an assisted living facility and aid is vital right now as COVID-19 has changed dynamics with social distancing.

With many quarantined her services and are keeping seniors safe and connected.

"We have technology that we connect seniors with that can help monitor falls, help monitor glucose weight, heart issues, COPD -- We are able to really connect them not just to their family, but to the physicians.

Giving peace of mind for those who are at risk and immunocompromised.

For more information, check out their website here.