Oak Creek police report rash of vehicle break-ins, share photos of 2 vehicles stolen in the city

OAK CREEK -- Oak Creek police on Thursday, May 23 reported a rash of thefts from vehicles -- and stolen vehicles, sharing two pictures of vehicles stolen in the city. They asked for help locating these vehicles.

Police noted the majority of the thefts involved unlocked vehicles, and asked that residents please remove valuable items from their vehicles -- as cash, electronics and garage door openers were among the items stolen. Police also asked that people lock their vehicles, and do not allow thieves the opportunity to open unlocked doors to remove items.

They asked that residents with security cameras please review their footage to see whether any of the thefts or suspects have been caught on camera, and said many areas in the city have been impacted by these thefts.

Anyone with information was asked to contact Oak Creek police.