NRA campaign ad mispronounces name of Walker opponent Evers

MADISON — The National Rifle Association mispronounces the name of Gov. Scott Walker's Democratic opponent in its first ad of the campaign.

Walker faces state superintendent Tony Evers on Nov. 6. His last name rhymes with weavers. But in the ad, the narrator repeatedly refers to him as Tony EH'-vers.

The liberal group One Wisconsin Now obtained a copy of the ad Friday. It says the buy is $740,000 in Green Bay, Wausau and La Crosse.

The narrator of the ad says "When Tony Evers (EH'-vers) speaks, it can be boring, even sleepy."

It then says what Evers says can be "dangerous" because he supports more rigorous background checks for gun buyers, a state gun owners registry, and a ban on an accessory that helps semi-automatic guns perform more like automatic weapons.