'Nothing personal:' Waupun inmate accused of stabbing CO, biting another in prison attack

Gregg Phillips

A man serving time at Waupun Correctional Institution for homicide stands accused of attacking two correctional officers at the prison -- stabbing one with a "shank," and biting the other, who came to the aid of her colleague. It happened back on Christmas Eve, 2019.

Gregg Phillips, 40, faces four felonies:

  • Attempted first-degree intentional homicide, repeater, use of a dangerous weapon
  • Battery by prisoners, repeater, use of a dangerous weapon -- two counts
  • Substantial battery, repeater, use of a dangerous weapon

According to a criminal complaint, the stabbing occurred during rec time in the gym at the prison, and was caught on camera.

The surveillance video showed the correctional officer who was stabbed engaged in a conversation with Phillips. The CO later said they were discussing the CO getting a job for Phillips. As the CO bounced a ball in the gym, the video showed Phillips made a "sudden dash" towards the victim, raising his right arm and swinging it in a stabbing motion. The CO engaged Phillips, who fell to the ground, with the victim landing on top of him. There was then a physical struggle -- with 26 "stabbing motions" seen in the video. 

The correctional officer was stabbed 13 times in the upper back, neck and head with the metal object that appeared sharpened on one end and taped on the other for grip.

Waupun Correctional Institution

During the attack, a second correctional officer came to the aid of her colleague -- still on top of Phillips. She went toward Phillips' head in an effort to gain control over him, as he continued striking the other CO, the complaint said. After his right arm was secured, the complaint said Phillips dropped the shank and picked it up with his left arm, which was also eventually secured. Soon after that, other correctional officers arrived and took control of Phillips.

The second correctional officer reported being bitten on the wrist during the ordeal.

According to the complaint, during the attack, Phillips made remarks such as, "It needed to be done," and it "didn't matter who -- just because he was a blue shirt." The correctional officer who was stabbed said Phillips told him, "It's nothing personal, it just had to be a blue shirt. It had to be a blue shirt to die."

The complaint noted Phillips was convicted of first-degree intentional homicide while armed (two counts), first-degree reckless homicide while armed, attempted first-degree intentional homicide while armed, taking hostages and felon in possession of a firearm for offenses committed in November 2004. He's been in custody since June 2005.