No valid license: 17-year-old boy's vehicle clocked at 119 mph during pursuit in Washington Co.

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- A 17-year-old boy from Milwaukee was arrested following a pursuit in Washington County Sunday, October 8th -- reaching speeds of up to 119 miles-per-hour.

According to the Washington County Sheriff's Office, shortly before midnight Sunday night, a deputy conducting traffic enforcement on I-41 near County Trunk K noticed a vehicle headed southbound -- traveling at 104 miles-per-hour.

The driver then increased the vehicle's speed and began to elude the deputy.

Another deputy clocked the vehicle at 119 miles-per-hour south of the initial location.

Upon seeing the second squad, officials say the boy opted to pull over.

He was arrested on outstanding warrants and felony eluding, and he was also cited for speed and not having a valid license.

Sheriff's officials said in a release: "He also received a valuable lesson that radio waves travel at the velocity that is equal to the speed of light – roughly 186,282 miles per second – traveling in a vacuum; just a bit faster than his car."