New state report shows environmental impact of bluff collapse at power plant

A new state report reveals new information about the environmental impact from a bluff collapse at the We Energies power plant in Oak Creek.

The report says the DNR took water samples after the collapse. It reports the collapse did not pose a significant threat to people or aquatic life. The tests show pollution levels are not higher than normal outside of the spill site. That means the opportunity for human exposure is small. The contamination has not reached drinking water supplies for either Oak Creek or Racine.

Inside the spill site, which is the area We Energies is working to control and clean up with booms, water samples are actually close to normal.

There are two exceptions. Levels of iron and aluminum are slightly elevated.

We Energies officials say they're grateful the results are mostly positive. But they say they won't be satisfied until the area is completely cleaned up and restored to normal levels in all areas.