New poll shows 58% support recall of Gov. Walker

One day after Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's opponents launched a drive to collect 540,000 valid signatures to trigger a recall election against him, Walker affixed his signature to a bill he said will help create jobs in the state. On that same day, Wisconsin Public Radio and St. Norbert College released a poll that says overall support for a recall election against Walker is 58 percent, up from 47 percent in the spring.

Democrats and Republicans say they believe the numbers are probably 50/50, and Walker says the poll has been "notoriously wrong" in every election, so he's not paying attention to the numbers.

"Literally, it's been wrong in almost every election. It's been completely off the mark. It's nowhere near any other poll that's been out there. I don't take any credence in that," Walker said.

The poll also examined Republican support for a recall, and says the numbers have more than tripled - they're now at 24 percent, up from only 7 percent in the spring. The poll indicates almost universal recall support from Democrats, with numbers around 90 percent.

"The real poll that will matter, and the real number that will matter is 540,000, which is the number of signatures needed to recall (Walker), and there is no question that Wisconsin is ready for this recall, and wants to stop the governor," Graeme Zielinski with the Wisconsin Democratic Party said.

Signature-gatherers have 60 days to collect those signatures.