New pediatric dental office in Elm Grove

There’s a new pediatric dentist in Elm Grove that encourages kids and families to eat well, brush well and play well. 

Brian is at Playwell Pediatric Dentistry where he is surrounded by LEGO.

About Playwell Pediatric Dentistry (website)

Welcome to PlayWell Pediatric Dentistry, where Dr. Jadin and our upbeat crew of dental professionals are proud to be building up young smiles! With a focus on minimally invasive preventive and restorative care, we’re dedicated to creating lifelong thriving health for the growing grins of Elm Grove. Instilling a positive attitude towards smile care and "going to the dentist" is our main mission for your kiddo. That’s why we’ve designed our office to spark creativity, curiosity, and joy to help them take ownership of their oral health! Ready to kickstart your child’s smile journey? Schedule an appointment today!