New Network Chooses Internet Over TV

YouTube is known for its viral videos, but the company wants you to stick around even after that funny clip ends. To do it, they're getting more like T.V.

They recently launched an initiative to create dozens of channels that play just like TV. I headed to the set of one of them, the Young Hollywood Network.

Inside the swanky Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, it's hollywood at its finest. Several times each day, big name stars stop by the Young Hollywood Studio to perform a song or chat about their new movie. Today's guest, the band "Carolina Liar".

But you won't find anything that's taped here on TV. Young Hollywood Network is exclusively on YouTube. It is one of dozens of new "channels" the videosite is spending tens of millions of dollars to develop and promote.

"We're excited because YouTube has the audience - 800 million visits a month - I mean that's a massive number," said CEO and Founder RJ Williams, "They're giving us the infrastructure and the tools to just take what we are doing to a whole other level".

I asked lead singer Chad Wolf of "Carolina Liar" why its so important to do a performance at a place llike Young Hollywood and he said it's all about the art.

"We're all kind of coming together and have this similar idea of how to promote independent ideas and independent art".

YouTube original channels cover sports, music, pop culture and more.

The Young Hollywood Network "doesn't do red carpets, we don't do press junkets, everything we do is different and we're the only camera that's there," said Williams.

So how does RJ get the big stars in here?

Williams said, "Fact of the matter is the stars need us. I mean we give them the online presence they want. I'm having the time of my life. I mean bands like "Carolina Liar" come in today giving a full blown concert for my friends, who can ask for anything more? It's just fun".

Although YouTube doesn't say exactly how they divvy it up, the company splits the ad revenue they make with partners like Young Hollywood.

If you want to check out the Young Hollywood Network, click here.