New law to prevent furniture tip-overs

It’s a deadly danger inside many households: furniture that tips over. 

Over the past two decades, hundreds of young children have died and thousands more have been injured because of falling furniture or televisions. 

A new law promises important changes to the way some furniture is manufactured. 

Consumer Reports explains what’s new and reminds parents about an important step they can’t forget to keep their kids safe.

A majority of tip-over deaths involve children under the age of 6. 

But those grim statistics could soon be changing thanks to a new law called the STURDY Act. 

It requires all dressers and similar products made or sold in the U.S., including those under 30 inches tall, to meet minimum safety standards regarding sturdiness and strength testing.

The STURDY Act was years in the making, with consumer groups and parents pressing hard for its passage.  

Consumer Reports advocated for the new law. 

But it reminds parents that even with these new protections, it’s still strongly recommended that all furniture be properly anchored to walls, no matter the height, weight, and manufacturing date. 

If you’re not sure how to anchor furniture, we’ve got a video from Consumer Reports with a step-by-guide on how to do it.

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