Neumann announces cuts he'd make if elected to Senate

MADISON -- Republican Mark Neumann announced Thursday some things he'd like to cut if elected to U.S. Senate. Neumann's plan would cut or eliminate programs over a 10-year period, and would total nearly $38 billion.

Some of the cuts include elimination the Economic Development Administration and reducing the Forest Service budget by 50 percent. "Our $15 trillion debt threatens to destroy this country," Neumann said in a statement. During a press conference Thursday, Neumann said: "Like many things in Wisconsin, even though they are not working, they go on and on and on. I'm offended by the spending in our federal government, and the debt must be brought under control."

Wisconsin State Treasurer Kurt Schueller and former State Treasurer Jack Voight endorsed Neumann Thursday. "I've endorsed Neumann because he has a conservative plan to cut spending, balance the budget, and repeal ObamaCare to create private sector jobs," Schuller said in a statement. "Mark Neumann understands we need to do more with less," Voight said in a statement.

Neumann has been rated Wisconsin's "Most Conservative Congressman" of the last 30 years. Neumann is running for Wisconsin's U.S. Senate seat currently held by Herb Kohl. In that race, Neumann faces former Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson, Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald, State Senator Frank Lasee (all Republicans), and U.S. Representative Tammy Baldwin (Democrat).