Nervous otter pups get swimming lesson at botanical gardens

A group of otter pups found themselves in the deep end when they received a crash course in swimming at a lake in Singapore.

Footage by Marjorie Chong shows a number of pups being chaperoned by older otters at the edge of Swan Lake at Singapore Botanic Gardens.

While some pups followed their elders into the water with ease, others were a bit more apprehensive.

The nervous pups did not get to contemplate their fear for very long, and were quickly dragged into the lake by their more experienced companions.

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Chong told Storyful that the wild otters use the botanic gardens as a "nursery" to raise their pups.

Otters are not born with the natural ability to swim, and only learn at approximately two months old, when they are pushed into water by their mothers, according to the National Geographic.

"Being social animals, every otter in the family helps out in the chaotic swim lesson," Chong told Storyful. "All in all, a very relatable family outing."