Nationally-known Republicans campaign on Romney's behalf in Wisconsin

GREEN BAY -- Some nationally-known Republicans made some campaign stops in Wisconsin the day before the election to stump on behalf of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The group included Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, Missouri Senator Jim Talent, Tennessee Representative Marcia Blackburn, Paul Ryan's brother Tobin and Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson.

The group made a stop in Green Bay Monday morning, and reiterated the importance of this election, and that it's a time for change.

"We need to reduce our deficit. We need to get the private sector economy going again. We need to be producing more energy at home instead of buying it from abroad. Gov. Romney will do all that. President Obama had his chance. He hasn't made his policies work. It's time for a real change," Gov. Jindal said.

Following their stop in Green Bay, the group made stops in Appleton and Fond du Lac.

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