NARI Home Show goes on days after COVID-19 care facility opens

The coronavirus pandemic has forced us to re-think the way we view many things in our lives. One of the more obvious is our homes, which have now also become schools, day cares and workplaces. The National Association of the Remodeling Industry's announcement that COVID-19 wouldn't stop this year's expo was good news for homeowners looking for ideas.

"Great house, but the master bathroom itself is kind of small, and looking to do a remodel on our kitchen," said Kara Gaspervich.

NARI Home Show/Alternate care facility

In 2020, the home has become so much more.

"They're using their house in many different ways, and homes were not built to be our offices, and our classrooms and our stay-cations," said Diane Welhouse with NARI Milwaukee. "So today, we have 70 vendors that are exhibiting in the NARI Home and Remodeling Show,. and they cover the gamut from full-service design all the way down to plumbers, electricians, landscaping."

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The show took place at the Products Pavilion at Wisconsin State Fair Park, just a few hundred feet from the COVID-19 alternate care facility.

Kara Gaspervich

Kara Gaspervich

Families FOX6 News spoke with didn't seem to mind, including the Gasperviches.

"I think we really want to get started on, at least on the bathroom, within the next six months to a year," said Kara Gaspervich.

NARI Home Show

Vendors said amid COVID, for the majority of homeowners, the home needs to be more.

"Kitchens that we previously took desks out of, now we're talking about expanding," said Laree Allen with Allen Kitchen and Bath.

Kitchens have become more than just a place to cook food, but also, a classroom and workplace.

"As your needs change so do the designs," said Allen.

Diane Welhouse

Diane Welhouse

Organizers said 2020 has pushed designers to their limits.

"Whatever you need is in terms of remodeling, someone is here to address that concern," said Welhouse.


Hospitalization boom likely to follow COVID-19 case surge

State health officials warned that, with the continued rise in cases, it's only a matter of time before the alternate care facility fills up.


COVID-19 alternate care facility opens at State Fair Park

Patients who receive care at the alternate care facility will be there for approximately 3-6 days and will not be charged for their stay.