Names of Boy Scout leaders accused of assault made public

MILWAUKEE -- The names of Boy Scout leaders accused of sexually assaulting boys are now public. Nearly 100 of those names are from Wisconsin.

The more-than 15,000 documents in question are being called the perversion files. They show how the Scouts dealt with sexual assault accusations from the 1960s to the 1980s.

Many of the names on the list were people who were brought to authorities and charged. But not all are charged, which has many wondering if the Boy Scouts did enough to protect the children on their watch.

"There are 51 cities according to these files right now that have had troops in which children were likely assaulted or molested by scout leaders or scout masters just in the state of Wisconsin," said Peter Isely of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. His group advocates for victims of clergy abuse. He says this case is eerily similar.

"Scouts in this community, in this state need to urge people to go to the police right now," said Isely.

Internal Boy Scout memos show suspicions against Scout leaders. In many cases, authorities were notified and charges were filed. But the Boy Scouts did not turn everyone in.

Dr. Thomas Kowalski, a once-prominent pediatrician from Greendale, was accused. According to documents, Kowalski admitted to Boy Scout officials he molested two teenage boys while working as a camp doctor. Kowalski was never charged.

Scout leaders at the time said, "We have not had any media attention to this matter."