NAACP and Voces De La Frontera file lawsuits against Voter ID bill

The second lawsuit in two weeks has been filed against Wisconsin's Voter ID law. The latest suit filed by the Milwaukee Chapter of the NAACP and Voces De La Frontera says the law is a blatant attempt to keep minorities out of the voting booth.

The two groups tell FOX6 that the new Voter ID law puts an undue burden on voters trying to exercise their rights. Attorney Richard Saks says, "In 2006, the Missouri Supreme Court declared their photo id law unconstitutional under the right to vote under the Missouri constitution. That is exactly the road map that the parties in this lawsuit are taking."

State Representative Jeff Stone argues a more recent ruling by the Federal Supreme Court supports the law. He says, "Legislation very similar to what we passed was challenged on that basis in Indiana, went all the way to the Supreme Court who held that requiring a photo ID for voting is not an undue burden."

Rep. Stone has worked on the law for more than a decade. He believes requiring Voter ID's will make elections more accessible, fair and accurate. Rep. Stone says, "It is a change, but I think it's a reasonable one that the vast majority of people in Wisconsin think is going to make for a better election system."

The NAACP says voters who need help getting an ID can contact them while they fight the law. Representative Stone expressed a similar sentiment, saying anyone that runs into a problem with the new law should get a hold of their state legislator.