myTEAM TRIUMPH group on Marathon course when bombs went off

BOSTON (WITI) -- Monday was myTEAM TRIUMPH's first Boston Marathon. The Wisconsin chapter helps push people along on endurance races when they aren't able to physically compete. The group says what started as an invigorating experience for them quickly turned into moments of panic and uncertainty.

"You can look at the Boston Marathon as the Super Bowl of marathons," Kris Eul said.

Eul was just happy to be working the Boston Marathon on Monday -- coordinating all the vehicles for the race. He even had time to kiss the trophy a week prior.

At the four hour and 10 minute mark, he was thinking the worst.

"It's hard not to when you can't -- no calls going out, no calls coming in," Eul said.

Eul was working because his race team, myTEAM TRIUMPH was competing -- including his friend, Christian Jensen from Green Bay.

"It's always been on his bucket list to get myTEAM TRIUMPH to be involved in the Boston Marathon," Eul said.

Eul says the icing on the cake was seeing his friend pass him at the 24-mile mark.

"Gave him a hug, threw him a high five. We both gave the congratulations," Eul said.

Minutes later, he heard the explosions and immediately called Jensen, who is known to carry a cell phone during races.

"I tried calling him -- nothing. I tried texting him -- nothing," Eul said.

Eul wasn't able to connect with Jensen for almost two hours. Jensen never finished the race because he was detoured after the explosions.

"The biggest take away from all of this is we can't get discouraged," Eul said.

Fortunately, nobody on the team was injured. However, they are changed forever, though Eul says it only makes their running crew stronger.

"We have to continue to do what we love and we have to continue to participate in these events because it makes us better as a whole," Eul said.

myTEAM TRIUMPH has organized a 5K run to support those who have been affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy. The run is set for 6:00 p.m. Thursday, and runners will meet at the Fleet Feet on Bluemound Road in Brookfield.

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