Musician hopes song can lead way to 'Brighter Days' in Milwaukee: 'We need something positive'

MILWAUKEE -- "Waking up in tin the morning stretch and I'm yawning thanking God for another day."

Kicking off the first verse, gospel artist Just Chris set the tone for the song "Brighter Days."

Just Chris

"I'm a real inspirational artist," he said.

You may remember his catchy song about the Milwaukee Bucks that spread across social media. Now, Just Chris is lending his talents to promote unity in Milwaukee.

"Right now, we need each other everybody needs everybody no matter your race, culture background if we come together, we are strong," he said. "God is love and we all need each other."

Scene from "Brighter Days" music video

As the community aims to stop the violence, the battles with each other and the spread of COVID-19, words of love, respect and unification are welcomed.

Tracey Dent

"We thought that we need something positive through this pandemic," Tracey Dent said.

Dent, the co-founder of Milwaukee Coalition Against Hate, said the collaboration which began with focusing on segregation, grew over the months -- taking on many meanings and dynamics as its completion came at the time of the coronavirus outbreak.

"Yesterday was so dark so I'm looking to tomorrow, yesterday was too dark so I'm hoping for them brighter days."

"You can make brighter days."

With music playing a vital role in our community, the hope is this new release -- featuring 10 artists from all backgrounds -- will help folks get a new perspective. To listen to the entire song, CLICK HERE.

Scene from "Brighter Days" music video