Music Tech on Display at NAMM 2012

Technology has had a huge impact on the music industry. And to check out some new innovations, we visited the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) in search of the latest and greatest in the world of music.

90,000 people from 90 countries around the world came out this year to see what’s new in music technology.

On the gaming front, Rockband was displaying new features to help bring out the rock star in all of us.

“We got ‘pro-mod’ now in Rockband, which let’s you play note for note, every song in there like you would in a real guitar," said Dalin CienFuegos of MadCatz.

A few booths over, exhibitors were showing off ways to turn i-devices into a musical instruments.

So, what’s the benefit of turning your iPad into an instrument?

“It allows you to transform, the iPad into a super cool way of playing it live on stage and looking cool,” Randy Lester of Gpadmusic said. 

Also at NAMM was the “Lamborghini” of all guitars--the Trinity triple necked guitar. With more than 20 frets to work with, the learning curve for this instrument might be a bit steeper than the iPad guitar. Nothing a few hours in the studio can’t fix.

But, what’s the fun in playing beautiful music without an audience? With Newtek’s mobile studio, TriCaster, bands have no excuse not to be seen or heard.

“The TriCaster bands to stream their concerts live and build an online audition and create an entirely new revenue source,” said Philip Nelson from NewTek. “And, it’s easy enough that fifth-graders can use it.”

And of course, no band is complete without a lead singer and with VoiceLive Play by TC-Helicon even a lay-singer can achieve greatest on stage, maybe.

“Well you’re not going to sound like the singer,” explained Laura Davidson TC-Helicon’s representative. “What you’re going to sound like is their vocal affect. That’s what our box let’s you do instantly.”

With some help with music tech, we’re sure to see many new musicians in the future.

NAMM 2012 turned out to be the largest in over a hundred years in the event’s history.