Multiple vehicles vandalized on Milwaukee's east side

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police are investigating multiple vandalized vehicles on Milwaukee’s east side.

Authorities say as many as 18 vehicles were vandalized late Wednesday night, April 4th into Thursday morning, April 5th. The vehicles were vandalized while parked in the area bounded by Newhall St. to Maryland Avenue and Newberry Blvd. to Bradford Street on Milwaukee's east side.

"It's heartbreaking," Collette Coe, who woke up to find her car's windows shattered said Thursday morning. "I was going to visit my daughter in the hospital this morning.  She just donated her kidney to another person and they're both at Froedtert, so now I can't go.  It's really disgusting, the whole thing."

Milwaukee police say the acts of vandalism appear to be random and nothing appears to have been stolen.  So far, no suspects have been taken into custody.

"We've had some problems of vandalism to our personal cars," Capt. Carter Honnicutt from the Milwaukee Fire Department said. He's stationed at the firehouse on Bartlett Ave. "We're out and about during the night, and we always take a few extra turns around the block, so any of those bad guys listening, we're watching for you," Honnicutt said.

Authorities say the incident remains under investigation and are urging anyone with information to contact the Milwaukee Police Department at 414-935-7213.