Multiple men face charges in kidnap plot of Michigan's governor

Seven men facing state terrorism charges in Michigan, six facing terrorism charges at the federal level.

Cambria, Wisconsin

Cambria, Wisconsin, population 792. The small Columbia County village is a quiet place, but now on the map for being connected to a plot to kidnap -- and even kill -- Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

"A few isolated groups in the backwater of American life still hold perverted notions of what America is all about," Gov. Whitmer said.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer

A criminal complaint says the conspirators -- who the U.S attorney calls 'violent extremists' — were in Cambria, training in firearm and combat skills — as well as attempted to build an IED.

Members of the alleged conspiracy staked out the governor's vacation home.

One of the men said they would kidnap Whitmer before the November election and try her for treason.

"On account of the state, we have additional charges," said Dana Nessel, the Michigan attorney general.

Seven other men, including these three are linked to a paramilitary right-wing group facing terrorism and weapons charges for allegedly planning to storm the capitol and start a civil war.

"Over the years, we've seen that home-grown domestic terrorism; some of that looks like white nationalism, some of that looks like these paramilitary militia groups, some of that looks like outright neo-nazi white supremacists," said Pardeep Kaleka, the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee Executive Director.

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Interfaith leader and son of Sikh temple shooting victim, Pardeep Kaleka, says the alleged plot is extremely concerning...

The FBI says 2019 was the deadliest year for domestic terrorism since the Oklahoma City bombing.

Kaleka says political, religious and racist ideologies driving various extremist groups must be vehemently condemned at all levels of government...

"We're living in a very scary time," he said.

Court filings say the plot was uncovered through social media discussions of overthrowing the government and law enforcement. 

U.S. security officials have been warning that violent domestic extremists pose great threats, especially in this election year.

Men accused in plot to kidnap Michigan's governor trained in Wisconsin

The FBI says it broke up a plot to kidnap Michigan's governor before Election Day -- and five of the six men now behind bars trained in Cambria.