Mrs. Biden, Mrs. Ryan campaign in Waukesha Saturday

WAUKESHA -- With 17 days to go in the campaign, the wives of the Vice Presidential candidates made appearances in Waukesha on Saturday.

Each was greeted with standing ovations from about 100 supporters, Dr. Jill Biden at an Obama For America field office and Janna Ryan and her 3 children at a Victory Center.
Both women also spent time talking with the supporters in the room, posing for pictures and shaking hands.

"It’s a wonderful thing to be here today, to see these people who are working so hard on behalf of Mitt Romney and my husband, to be able to say thank you," Ryan said to Fox 6. "Their prayers mean a lot. Our family has really enjoyed the opportunity to get out and about and say thank you."

Biden told her supporters something very similar, "This is all about you. You're the ones that we need to thank for all your time and your energy and your love and your support."

But that's where the similarities end. Ryan didn't speak to the crowd as a whole, except to say thank you and she didn't touch on policy. However Reince Priebus, the RNC Chairman who was along side Mrs. Ryan did speak about the campaign.

"This is going to be our rendezvous with destiny. This is our generation’s time for choosing. I happen to believe we’re in a battle for freedom in this country. That’s where we’re at. We’re in a battle for freedom. It’s the same battle that founded this country," Priebus said to the crowd.

Biden, however, did speak for about policy for about 9 minutes.

Biden's remarks covered education, veterans affairs, women's issues, the supreme court and jobs.

"Forward means, in this election, that since the worst economic crisis since the great depression we've seen 31 straight months of job growth. We've seen 5.2 million new jobs," Biden said near the end of her speech.

In the end, each campaign used the rally to urge people to get out and vote early and to tell people they know to do the same thing.

Early voting begins in Wisconsin on Monday October 22 and ends November 2.