"Mr. President:" Baker faces criticism after choosing name for Oreo cupcake

PORTLAND, Oregon -- An Oregon baker is being accused of racism for selling an Oreo cupcake that was named "Mr. President."

The owner of Fat Cupcake, Anjelica Hayes, said she's from a biracial family and said racism hits home for her. She said she didn't intend to offend anyone.

Hayes said she knew her cupcake with an Oreo Cookie baked inside would be a hit and needed a name that would fit.

"What job position would you wear a formal suit to? And I thought 'the presidential office.' What's more elite than that?" said Hayes.

Hayes decided to name the cupcake "Mr. President." She later found out President Barack Obama's favorite cookie was the Oreo.

Customers have left Yelp reviews criticizing Hayes of being racist.

"I never thought or intended or could ever imagine it would be taken as an insult. In my mind it would be an honor," said Hayes.

Hayes said she understands customers' concerns, saying racism is something she would never support. In the wake of the criticism, she's changed the name of the cupcake to "The Professional."

"We always welcome reviews and comments, every single one. We can't improve without hearing feedback," said Hayes.

FOX12 spoke to some customers who said they weren't offended, and they also said they keep coming back because of how good the cupcakes taste.